A Prayer

I just want to take a minute and share a prayer I prayed(not because I’m cool or awesome) that rocked my world this morning.  This is a prayer I recommend you make a part of your life regularly(even morning & night).

It was simply this:

God I MUST know You, see You, and experience You!  I can’t live unless I get to walk with You, talk with You, and know You on new levels in this life! I want to walk with You and know You intimately!  I want You as my promise, not a destination.  Experiencing You, even for a fading moment, would be worth my life even if You hadn’t promised eternity in paradise….

Alright…  There it is…  And NO, I’m not referring to some doctrine about eternity!!  It’s a heart check and nothing more.  We can’t afford to live from our intellect only any more.  We MUST become passionate for THE ONE, and not lose sight of Him for His promises!!  I overstate things in my talking with Him to get fruit in my heart(ex. I would choose a moment with You God over an eternity in paradise).  Obviously He’s there with us or there would be no eternity and no paradise!  It’s a love language, and I recommend you start selling all of you for Him!!

I recently read a quote from Fancis Chan to leave you with: “As I see it, a lukewarm Christian is an oxymoron; there’s no such thing.  To put it plainly, churchgoers who are “lukewarm” are not Christians.  We will not see them in heaven.” -Crazy Love


What Are You Entitled To?

Ok,this is very simple, but hopefully life changing.  Literally.

I’ve recently been outside the US and had a startling realization—-some of the other “peoples” in the world don’t live with our attitudes!!:)  At first it took me a little while to discover what was different, and then I realized—- they aren’t demanding everything.

Here’s one of Merriam-Webster’s definitions for entitlement: —belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges.

Do you realize how rampant entitlement has become?  We get furious when our home internet goes down for 2 hours(sometimes even when they told us it would).  We expect the piece of crap driver in the other lane to get out of our way!  Just about anything we want, we want it now and are consumed when we don’t get it as we demand….  Have they messed up your order in the drive through lately?

I believe we need deliverance from this plague.  We’re cluttering the spiritual airways with this attitude from hell.  This attitude has crept in which means thankfulness and gratitude have slipped away.  We are called to be thankful.  There’s something freeing when we align with thankfulness and choose to be grateful to God in any situation.  Buy this wisdom cheaply(not that I’m super wise), and take a minute now to find something to be thankful for–no whiny, bull crap excuses–travel as far down as you have to in order to find it.  If that means you thank God that your eyes blink and moisten themselves, then do it!  If you have no eyes, and someone’s reading this to you, thank God for breath!

Make this change and see what the Lord will do in you.  As I said before, we’re all connected so your breakthrough in this is our breakthrough!:)  Go for it.  I think you’ll be surprised by Him!  He’s always good!!


Finish What He Starts

Recently I listened to a message from Kris Vallotton and felt inspired to go back.  I believe some of us need to go back and do things the Lord told us to do that we haven’t done.

We are living in the coolest time in the history of the earth(we get to say and believe that:)!  Many of us are sitting on things that the Lord has told us to do.  Various reasons hold us back, though I’d say fear is the #1.  What if, what if, what if????  Who cares what if??  If you think the Lord told you to do something please do it!  We are all interconnected, so your victory is our victory as well as your defeat.

I realized that the Lord put something on my heart, then because someone said it wasn’t a great idea(not knowing the Lord had told me to), I put it aside.  Here’s what I really hope you get.  We must stop moving for outcomes!  We can’t obey for what we believe will or will not happen!  If the Lord speaks(or we think He speaks), let’s run with it!  Even if we missed it we’re heading in the right direction.

Of course, a huge component of this is the listening, but I want to give you a scenario.  Most of us operate in total fear of how we will look or what people will think.  What if the Lord tells you to do something that WILL fail in order to learn how to fail?  See, the importance is to act and move when He says, not figure out what will happen before hand.  That thinking suggests our looking good, smart, spiritual, or cool is the most important thing in the kingdom.

Well, maybe I’ve said enough.  Remember that we are interconnected and need each other to be moving forward so we can change the face of this earth together!  Let’s do this!


I Have a Word For You

Well.  That’s a churchy thing to say, but I believe God wanted me to speak directly to YOU.  Don’t start thinking I’m sending this message to someone else specifically.  God specifically wanted to say it to you.

So, I believe God wanted to say to you,

You have been waiting,, wanting,, needing,, more…  More life in your spirit…  More FEELING of being alive…  More faith….  More hope…     Today that begins to happen!  Right now, begin drawing your heart near to Me and I will begin breathing new life into you…  New hope…  New vision……  Don’t be in a hurry,, and don’t think about the past.  Allow Me to move in your heart and into your heart.



So, I believe God would have you read this over and over if necessary and meditate on Him.  He will change your heart.  Remember, He told me this was specifically for the person who reads this, so if you just read it He wanted to say this to you!


Now or Later?

I’ve gotta say, I’ve been feeling a push to go for it lately and you’ll probably pick up on that just a wee bit.  Is there any better time than now?  Is it good to wait till we’re ready and comfortable?  The question of now or later has been coming up in my life, and I suppose it’s a normal part of life for everyone.

I think there are some things in the kingdom we can’t get without waiting.  I believe God has designed some things to come with time.  There’s no way around this, and honestly I don’t recommend trying:) However, I also think there are things we’re supposed to do now!  James 4:17 says; “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”-NIV.  Just before that James is talking about not arrogantly boasting about the future, but humbly saying “If it’s the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.”- James4:15.  He ends this discussion with (paraphrase)”Do what you know to do.”

This is not some great profound idea, it’s just that I think we need to get off our butts and stop dragging our feet.  It’s amazing that we sit around and talk about how fast time flys, and yet take months or years to decide to do what we already know to do.  I recently heard about a church who took a couple years to pick a worship leader(YEARS!).

If we’re waiting on the Lords timing, then great, but if we’re waiting because we’re waiting, STOP.  We have to move when we can move and while we can move!  I believe in trying to be good stewards we can miss the boat by not moving when we can and should.  Anyone heard of balance?  Let’s count the cost(quickly please), then make our decisions and go.  You can do it!!


Church of Northern Colorado come alive!  Loveland!  Fort Collins!  We have to want more!  Right?  Are you satisfied with your affect on the world around you?  Are you ok with the level of supernatural promises of God being fulfilled in your life?  Do you realize you don’t have a lot of time here?  Jesus said” I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” John 14:12NIV.  My point in this is to inspire you to want more not to bash, though I’m not opposed to it:).

I wonder if we’re gonna see more of God’s power when we ALL start going after it.  It has come to my attention lately through a couple sources(Bill Johnson & Bob Jones) that there are things we need to accomplish corporately.  God hasn’t necessarily designed supernatural things to all flow through only one person.  If we had EVERY person we prayed for healed it would dramatically change our lives.  Bob Jones asked the Lord why he would see someone healed supernaturally, then go for months where seemingly nothing happened when he prayed over people.  He felt like the Lord showed him he couldn’t handle it if everything he prayed instantly happened, and that the Lord is calling us as a body of believers to see things happen together.

This idea excites me!  If we all begin praying for the supernatural promises of God and one person here and another person over there start seeing things more, think of what can happen.  I think it’s the picture of popcorn popping.  One pops here then another, pretty soon the level is rising and it’s happening all over.  We could see exponential change in our churches and society without anyone specific getting all the credit.  We could dismantle the idea that it’s one specific pastor or person that has to pray, and it doesn’t have to take place inside the walls of the church!

Let’s start believing for God’s power to come and radically change our work places, our government, and society.  Go and change the atmosphere around you!  Carry God’s presence with you to work and see what will start happening.  Let’s see what will happen when we start acknowledging His presence while we’re in the grocery store and change the spiritual atmosphere there:)  Let’s not be satisfied with where we’re at,  in a good way.  Let’s get weird together Loveland:)