I’ve been thinking about fathers and the lack there of.  My guess is that even here in Loveland, CO where it’s nice to live there are lots of people who are fatherless.  It’s amazing how our society has dropped the ball when it comes to being fathers.

It’s on my heart that starting in Loveland and in our church we start filling the gap.  I believe there are men who are called to step up both in the church and outside.  We can’t afford to continue being a fatherless generation.

I think it can be easier than we think.  I recently heard a story where a man was asked to mentor a younger man who was having trouble with his family and finances.  This man didn’t have time to meet and spend time with him, but decided to start texting him after praying about it.  He simply text him thoughts a couple of times a week.  Six weeks later the younger man’s pastor called and asked “how did you find time to meet with him, and what did you do?  He’s a changed man!  He and his wife are doing better and their finances are turning around!”  All he did was spend a few minutes a week texting and it was life changing for this young family.

So, I challenge you to ask for wisdom and insight for new ways to start impacting this younger generation.  I’d love to see Loveland and the entire US changed by a fathers wisdom.  People are hungry for someone who cares and need some wisdom to get through life.


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