Finish What He Starts

Recently I listened to a message from Kris Vallotton and felt inspired to go back.  I believe some of us need to go back and do things the Lord told us to do that we haven’t done.

We are living in the coolest time in the history of the earth(we get to say and believe that:)!  Many of us are sitting on things that the Lord has told us to do.  Various reasons hold us back, though I’d say fear is the #1.  What if, what if, what if????  Who cares what if??  If you think the Lord told you to do something please do it!  We are all interconnected, so your victory is our victory as well as your defeat.

I realized that the Lord put something on my heart, then because someone said it wasn’t a great idea(not knowing the Lord had told me to), I put it aside.  Here’s what I really hope you get.  We must stop moving for outcomes!  We can’t obey for what we believe will or will not happen!  If the Lord speaks(or we think He speaks), let’s run with it!  Even if we missed it we’re heading in the right direction.

Of course, a huge component of this is the listening, but I want to give you a scenario.  Most of us operate in total fear of how we will look or what people will think.  What if the Lord tells you to do something that WILL fail in order to learn how to fail?  See, the importance is to act and move when He says, not figure out what will happen before hand.  That thinking suggests our looking good, smart, spiritual, or cool is the most important thing in the kingdom.

Well, maybe I’ve said enough.  Remember that we are interconnected and need each other to be moving forward so we can change the face of this earth together!  Let’s do this!


2 thoughts on “Finish What He Starts

  1. So good, Josh! Really good. Since I read the draft of this I have heard and had multiple conversations where this topic was a key component. No doubt we as the Body are in a season to make sure we do what He has asked us to do. Be blessed!


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