I Have a Word For You

Well.  That’s a churchy thing to say, but I believe God wanted me to speak directly to YOU.  Don’t start thinking I’m sending this message to someone else specifically.  God specifically wanted to say it to you.

So, I believe God wanted to say to you,

You have been waiting,, wanting,, needing,, more…  More life in your spirit…  More FEELING of being alive…  More faith….  More hope…     Today that begins to happen!  Right now, begin drawing your heart near to Me and I will begin breathing new life into you…  New hope…  New vision……  Don’t be in a hurry,, and don’t think about the past.  Allow Me to move in your heart and into your heart.



So, I believe God would have you read this over and over if necessary and meditate on Him.  He will change your heart.  Remember, He told me this was specifically for the person who reads this, so if you just read it He wanted to say this to you!


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