Now or Later?

I’ve gotta say, I’ve been feeling a push to go for it lately and you’ll probably pick up on that just a wee bit.  Is there any better time than now?  Is it good to wait till we’re ready and comfortable?  The question of now or later has been coming up in my life, and I suppose it’s a normal part of life for everyone.

I think there are some things in the kingdom we can’t get without waiting.  I believe God has designed some things to come with time.  There’s no way around this, and honestly I don’t recommend trying:) However, I also think there are things we’re supposed to do now!  James 4:17 says; “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”-NIV.  Just before that James is talking about not arrogantly boasting about the future, but humbly saying “If it’s the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.”- James4:15.  He ends this discussion with (paraphrase)”Do what you know to do.”

This is not some great profound idea, it’s just that I think we need to get off our butts and stop dragging our feet.  It’s amazing that we sit around and talk about how fast time flys, and yet take months or years to decide to do what we already know to do.  I recently heard about a church who took a couple years to pick a worship leader(YEARS!).

If we’re waiting on the Lords timing, then great, but if we’re waiting because we’re waiting, STOP.  We have to move when we can move and while we can move!  I believe in trying to be good stewards we can miss the boat by not moving when we can and should.  Anyone heard of balance?  Let’s count the cost(quickly please), then make our decisions and go.  You can do it!!

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