Church of Northern Colorado come alive!  Loveland!  Fort Collins!  We have to want more!  Right?  Are you satisfied with your affect on the world around you?  Are you ok with the level of supernatural promises of God being fulfilled in your life?  Do you realize you don’t have a lot of time here?  Jesus said” I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” John 14:12NIV.  My point in this is to inspire you to want more not to bash, though I’m not opposed to it:).

I wonder if we’re gonna see more of God’s power when we ALL start going after it.  It has come to my attention lately through a couple sources(Bill Johnson & Bob Jones) that there are things we need to accomplish corporately.  God hasn’t necessarily designed supernatural things to all flow through only one person.  If we had EVERY person we prayed for healed it would dramatically change our lives.  Bob Jones asked the Lord why he would see someone healed supernaturally, then go for months where seemingly nothing happened when he prayed over people.  He felt like the Lord showed him he couldn’t handle it if everything he prayed instantly happened, and that the Lord is calling us as a body of believers to see things happen together.

This idea excites me!  If we all begin praying for the supernatural promises of God and one person here and another person over there start seeing things more, think of what can happen.  I think it’s the picture of popcorn popping.  One pops here then another, pretty soon the level is rising and it’s happening all over.  We could see exponential change in our churches and society without anyone specific getting all the credit.  We could dismantle the idea that it’s one specific pastor or person that has to pray, and it doesn’t have to take place inside the walls of the church!

Let’s start believing for God’s power to come and radically change our work places, our government, and society.  Go and change the atmosphere around you!  Carry God’s presence with you to work and see what will start happening.  Let’s see what will happen when we start acknowledging His presence while we’re in the grocery store and change the spiritual atmosphere there:)  Let’s not be satisfied with where we’re at,  in a good way.  Let’s get weird together Loveland:)


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