Depart from Me, I never knew you

This phrase from Matthew 7:23 has been running through my mind the last couple days.  What grabs my attention is the verse before where it says, “Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons and perform many miracles?”.  These people were calling Him Lord and clearly thought they were in, so it does get your attention.

First, this verse has the potential to scare most of the current church here in Loveland and elsewhere.  If we live with a works based mentality, then most of us are in trouble.  The people Jesus referred to healed the sick, cast out demons, and performed many miracles.  Most of us haven’t performed a handful if any.  We would normally think anyone doing any of these miracles would be a shoe-in to heaven.  How could anyone perform these miracles and not “know” Him?  Good question!

I’m not even going into a debate about “once saved, always saved” or whether we’re secure or not.  For me, this scripture does bring that question to mind, but what the Lord has had me focus on is the “I never knew you”.  This in itself is another example in scripture of the Lord choosing to relate to us. Of corse He knows us, because He’s all knowing, and He knew us from the womb.  This scripture lets us see He wants us to be “known” by Him.

I desire to prophesy, heal the sick, and raise the dead.  I believe we’re even commanded to do all these things, but I think we have to remember daily to make ourselves “known” to God.  For me, this is a new concept to make myself “known” to God.  I’ve always focused only on knowing Him, and trying to find out more about Him.  I’ve also always thought of intimacy with Him only from the one sided aspect of getting to know more of Him.

So, my encouragement  for you is to make sure you’re making yourself “known” to God.  It’s clear that we are called to do powerful and amazing works for Him, but we can’t let the pursuit of works take the place of knowing Him or being known by Him.  How cool will it be to stand before the Lord and He open His arms to give you a warm embrace(or maybe a high five)!

Peace Out!

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