Worshiping in Difficulty

I thought it might be a good idea to talk about difficulty(since my eyesight is failing in my left eye).  The doctor is saying my MRI shows abnormalities in my brain(like I didn’t know that already).

So, in thinking about it, I find myself wanting to draw into God and worship Him even more.  In that way, this difficulty is a gift.  I want to worship more, but worship with song less(hmmm).  I want to pour out thanksgiving from my heart, but don’t really want to sing as much right now.  The enemy has in no way taken my song, I just want to worship even more in conversation with Him.  It’s been an interesting time.

The enemy has been in full attack mode trying to kill my resolve, but to no avail.  I’m receiving my healing even as I type.  My healing has not been instant, but gradual.  Understanding why God sometimes heals fast and sometimes slow is a topic for another blog(and your guess is as good as mine).  Never the less, my eyesight has been returning as well as having less “other” symptoms.  Woohoo!

I’ll end with this.  Worship Him in every way you can!!  Don’t take your ability to sing, dance, think, etc. for granted and use it while you have it.  The fact is that in this life, we will ALL experience death if we’re not here till he returns, so seek Him with ALL of you!

Peace out

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