Non-Christian Songs in Church

What do you think about playing “non-worship” songs in church?  Let’s assume we’re not talking about a song with graphic or unclean language and ideas(talking about sex inappropriately for example).  What about playing a song that does have anti-biblical words, but we just play the music and sing no words?

Here in our Loveland, CO church we played “Every Day I Have the Blues” and people loved it.  I don’t know the last time I had such a response after our meeting.  We’ve had people requesting more songs like it.  So, is it wrong for us to enjoy music in church?  Good grief, if you think that stop being stupid.  We aren’t playing these songs to take the focus off God, we’re just coming together and enjoying music.  I think more churches would get people in the door if they would start playing musically relevant songs every now and then.

Do you find yourself having a problem with playing “Rock and Roll” in the “House of God”?  As Pastor of Elevation Church Steven Furtick recently said on the subject (paraphrased)” WE ARE THE HOUSE OF GOD!  This is just a building!”  We can’t forget this, but we do!  If you listen to a song on your iPod, it’s no different to here it at church.  We’ve got to work through the double standard we’ve been taught all our lives, and stop being stupid about it.  We’ll never break the hypocrisy out of us until we start getting rid of this kind of crap!  Music is only one aspect, but it’s very revealing on how you feel.  We need to be “real” in all we do, and stop making fake fences.

So get rid of your crap, and I’ll work on mine. 🙂


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