Worship Music Intensity & Church Meetings

So I’ve been wondering about music, and it’s role in feeling God’s presence in a service. I, of course, consistently wonder about the role of the current western church. We are constantly striving to have “great services” on a weekly basis, but we obviously miss the “changing lives” aspect so much of the time. That will have to be another post all together.  What I’m wondering is, how far should we strive to go with a 30-40 minute “worship” set on Sunday morning?  Worship has been growing in intensity in our church lately, and it’s brought out these questions in me.  I intend to continue down this same path while asking God for instruction in these areas.  Is it ok to just look for an AMAZING experience with God in a single service, or is the “in a service” grid all we have to work from?  I think we’re so used to “the guys up front” doing all the ministry, we don’t think about coming to the service to minister.  I guess I’m wondering where we’re supposed to end up if we make our main focus more, more, more, even though I also know I want more, more, more!  I agree with Graham Cooke in saying that our western church has excelled in teaching how to become HEARERS of the word without being DOERS.  So, do our services entice people to want more of His presence, or do they satisfy them until next week?  I think that’s the real question.  My desire and aim is that services would continue to grow in intensity seeing more of His glory with new glimpses into the kingdom, and that God would rip us away of our training to go away and do nothing.  I believe we will never see this nation change if we continue to sit in chairs and be satisfied with “great meetings”(or sit in meetings and do nothing more than critique:).  My prayer is that we’ll stir people into a new desire to find His presence in every aspect of their lives, and in the mean time find more of His presence in our meetings together!

Peace Out!!

2 thoughts on “Worship Music Intensity & Church Meetings

  1. This is good!!!! I think worship does not play a big enough role in a service, and that is coming from a person who finds it much easier to listen to good teaching, rather than worship. I assume its because there is nothing required of me when I listen to the teaching.

    I know for me, my worship is taking new leaps now that I attend worship with a pastoral staff of Grace Center teaching the congregation HOW to minister to the Lord through worship. I think that is the key…at least I know it is for me. If I begin to worship to get something out of it, then I tire very quickly because my goal of gaining an experience is not immediately felt…so if it takes a little while for me to gain my experience, well I will just disengage before then. HOWEVER, if I go into worship with the sincere goal of giving and ministering to the Lord, then my goal is met immediately as soon as I engage, and therefore my motivation to give more and minister more to Him grows, which will ALWAYS return an experience with Him.

    I know your gifting, Josh. It is without any doubt the ability to lead a group into the thrown room through musical worship (you obviously have many other giftings as well). I don’t know how you continue to encourage the pastoral staff at your church to help you teach your church body how to minister to the Lord, but that is absolutely vital for the church’s success.

    My personal belief is that the musical worship portion of each service is the single CATALYST for the rest of the service. Whether it is one song, and then the Lord moves, or whether the Lord prefers the entire service to be ‘wasted’ on worshipping Him, His people MUST learn how to minister to HIm.

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