Hmmmm.  What to think about musicians?  I’m a drummer and aspiring guitarist.  I used to live in a place where you didn’t get opportunities to use your gift at all.  There were amazing players sitting all around you week after week, so there wasn’t enough need for players to go around.  Now I’m in a situation where I guess players get to play more than enough, because they actually turn down opportunities to play in front of hundreds of people.  I will say, I don’t prescribe to the notion that in order for a player to play at a church they need to be plugged in at that church.  I think it’s good if they’re plugged in at a church, but it shouldn’t be a requirement for a week here or there at another place.  What “the church” needs is more Good musicians!  It’s not a requirement for worship to take place at a meeting, it’s a requirement to move forward in quality and standards.  You can worship without music at all and should, but that doesn’t mean we should set no standards for what comes off the  stage.  I don’t want to walk into the local club on Friday and hear better music than I can find in a church, but it’s more often the case.  We need to be thankful for where we’re at, but also press for higher and better quality.  I think it would be cool to be able to find out what percentage of the population is actually gifted with a high musical IQ.  I wonder if you knew that percentage, (then narrow by those that are using it) how many people should there be in your local church that can really play?  Of those, how many play contemporary instruments?  Things I ponder…  All that said, I have the privilege of playing with some amazing players week after week and feel very blessed.  I can usually find replacement players(not so much this week), but I know lots of places that can’t.:(

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